Ayurveda Describes the Eating and Avoiding

AYURVEDA - Describing good and precautions

Life is intended to man in the form of body and he should protect it. Ayurveda says man should eat healthy in order to stay healthy as nutritious diet is essential  for us. So in Order to keep us fit we must keep some factors in mind. Healthy diet for human is the most important means to optimize human health.
It is truly said that healthy nutrition is itself a kind of "osadi"

Ayurveda Describes the Eating and Avoiding

Eating healthy food helps to clean re impurities inside our bodies and to pass stool easily . It also helps in the growth of body. Eating a proper balanced diet does not effect our body but also has an effect on our mind.
Proper knowledge of balanced diet can help us to cure diseases that occur inside a human body. It is also agreed that eating nutritious food helps is to stay for because it is said that if we good that will keep us healthy and out mind at peace.

eating habit as per ayurveda

The second and other is if man eats kupushtik diet that is unhealthy diet his health will deteriorate and he will become prone to diseases. This will have an effect on his mind too.So we should eat not only according to taste but also eat healthy keeping our health in mind.

Ayurveda Describe how to keep healthy body and mind

Mankind must remember the fact that food has a lot of significance in our lives . Because for the survival of man in long run he needs food to survive. In a book , a story is mentioned . A story of saga charakra and wagbhatt. In this story saga charakra questioned which man can lead a healthy life to which wagbhatt answered  A man who has earned according to his body , his environment and his hard work is the man who  will stay healthy .

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अपनी बीमारी का फ्री समाधान पाने के लिए और आचार्य जी से बात करने के लिए सीधे कमेंट करे ।

अपनी बीमारी कमेंट करे और फ्री समाधान पाये

|| आयुर्वेद हमारे ऋषियों की प्राचीन धरोहर ॥

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