Introduction to Ayurveda | Ayurved Ka Parichay

Introduction to Ayurveda

Ayurveda have importance in our life. Today people are going to attract towards the allopathic medicines. Such medicines give relief on fast track but such medicine give gift of another diseases in free. If you get relief in one diseases then you get another side effects also.

Ancient Ayurved

Ayurveda is based on science and its treatment also justify the natural way of treatment. In one side when Ayurved cure one problem, on the other hand it protect us from another diseases. From the ancient time Ayurvedic or desi jadi buti are used to cure the major diseases of the all living things.  These ayurvdic treatment or jadi buti are invented by our Rishi Muni or Saints. They used to live on mountains and in caves. According to the Rishi Muni or Saints our diseases are not only connect with our body but with our nature and mind. Ayurveda is based on our Veda. this is the precious invention of Indian Saints.
Introduction to Ayurveda

All the diseases leave impact on both body and mind. In Ayurveda treatment is done by taking all the things in mind. Identification of diseases can be check through the Cough, Pit, vaat, urine , defecation , soul and mind, softness and hardness of stomach. In Ayurveda everything is mentioned which treatment should be given for specific diseases and what should eat and what should avoid to eat. Besides the way of treatment living style and rules and regulations are also given in Ayurveda. Like get up early in the morning before the Sun rise, drink more than one glass of water , after being fresh go for exercise  in morning take light food, at noon take heavy diet and at night take light liquid diet. These are the step of being healthy and happy given in Ayurveda. Ayurveda suggest us to take food according to the season. Ayurveda suggest us about our behavior also the behave with juniors , middle age and seniors.

Ayurved for healthy body, mind and soul

In Ayurveda the mantra for happy and healty life is given that is to live a simple life with polite nature and never do vanity, this body and mind is a gift of God. We should keep it with care. Ayurved also teach us to live a simple and better life with sharing happiness with others. So Ayurveda is a guide to us for healthy and happy life.

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अपनी बीमारी का फ्री समाधान पाने के लिए और आचार्य जी से बात करने के लिए सीधे कमेंट करे ।

अपनी बीमारी कमेंट करे और फ्री समाधान पाये

|| आयुर्वेद हमारे ऋषियों की प्राचीन धरोहर ॥

अलर्जी , दाद , खाज व खुजली का घरेलु इलाज और दवा बनाने की विधि हेतु विडियो देखे

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अलर्जी , दाद , खाज व खुजली का घरेलु इलाज और दवा बनाने की विधि हेतु विडियो देखे

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