Gram the Healthy Food in Winter Get Rid from Doctor Fees

50 g gram daily food in the winter is very beneficial for the body. Gram and gram dal in Ayurveda recognizes that both intake keeps the body healthy. Chana is the treatment of many diseases from food. The carbohydrates, protein, moisture, fat, fiber, calcium, iron and vitamins are found. Gram called almond poor because it is cheap but at the same affordable biggest thing is the ability to fight diseases. Gram intake beauty is growing faster than the mind. Enjoy daily breakfast gram in weight loss. Up to 3 years to continue eating sprouts have the advantage of leprosy. If vomiting pregnant Feed Sattu of roasted grams. Chana also enhances digestive power balance and mental strength. Gram is to clean the blood from the skin is Nikrti.
Some days in winter pudding gram flour should be consumed regularly. It is in the pudding and the diseases caused by vata is beneficial in asthma.
Give gram dal Bhigon morning to night grinding sugar and water mixed drink. It relieves mental stress and in a state of frenzy. 50 g boiled chickpea mash. The hot water consumption by nearly a month dropsy disease goes away.
Gram flour bread 40 to 60 days by eating salt in the skin such as herpes-related diseases, scabies, itching, etc. are not. Drinking warm milk at bedtime at night, chewing roasted grams respiratory tract are numerous diseases and cough goes away.
25 g black gram soaked in the morning empty stomach to drink the night away is diabetes. If equal amounts of both time to eat barley bread gram will benefit so quickly.
Gram after gram and soak in water to remove the water to drink. Impotence caused by drinking honey ends for any reason.
If the problem is more annoying hiccups gram of dried leaves of the plant due to cold smoke coming from hiccups and benefits of gastric diseases.
Approximately 100 grams of jaundice gram dal soaked in water then add two glasses of water for 4-5 days Niklakr eat 100 grams of jaggery mixed with relief.
They range from 25-30 grams, 10 grams black gram Desi Mix Triphala powder grains soak for a few hours. Then make sprouted grains be tied in a cloth. Well as chewing chewing them eat breakfast.
So much sweat fever came grinding roasted powder mixed with parsley and switches should massage.
Put the chickpeas soaked overnight in sugar pot. Continuous infusion every morning to eat chewing-chewing is an increase in semen Problems and weakness of men is over. Gram wet stuffed suckling stay away from is thinness of semen.
Ten grams and 10 grams sugar gram dal soaked for 40 days by eating two large metal confirmed.

Gram or a clean cloth handkerchief tied smell of warm cold is cured. To urinate frequently barbecued disease should consume roughly grams. In the urinary problems related to eating jaggery and gram relief. Roasted grams daily intake is cured hemorrhoids

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